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"Nestle has been up right here in Nanjangudu in Mysore since 1988. And we are very positive about all of our experience so far to the extent that .... "

Mr. Christian Schimd
Nestle India Pvt.Ltd.

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Food Processing

Present Scenario and Strengths:
  • Karnataka leads in the exports of silk in India accounting for approximately 25% of the total Indian export market.
  • Karnataka is the leader in horticultural products and spices, aromatic and medicinal crops, and tropical fruits.
  • Karnataka is the largest producer of coffee and cocoa in the country.
  • It is also the second-largest milk producing state, and third and fourth largest producer of sugar and sugarcane respectively.
  • It is the 5th largest producer of fruits in the country and the fourth largest producer of spices.
  • Accounts for over 20% of floriculture production in India and is one of the largest producers of Cashew nut in India.
  • The state is the second largest producer of flowers as well as the second largest producer of grapes in India.
Potentials and opportunities:
  • Strong input base: Agriculture & allied activities contributed 17% to GSDP in FY09
  • Diverse competencies
    • Leader in horticultural products and spices
    • Only Indian State to have all varieties of fruit
    • 320 km coastline with annual marine production of 425,000 MT of 276 fishes
  • Increased production: Food processing sector attracted highest number of new units,146, compared to the state's other industries
  • Export Growth
  • Exports in Coffee have increased from US $ 147-million in 2004-05 to US $ 201-million in 2009-10
  • Exports in Marine products & Spices grew by CAGR of 43% and 29%, respectively between 2004-05 and 2009-10

Main horticulture crops cultivated in the following districts of Karnataka .

Mango - Dharwad, Belgaum, Kolar.

Grapes - Bijapur, Bagalkot.

Pomegranate - Bijapur, Koppal, Gadag.

Lemon - Bijapur, Bagalkot.

Important Grape growing districts are Bangalore (U), Bangalore (R), Kolar, Bijapur, Bagalkot, Belgaum, Koppal and Gulbarga.

Marine Products - 320 km of long coastline.

Major Fishing centres: Mangalore, Malpe, Batkal, Karwar.